Part 1 Reading Comprehension (共60分)

Section A(共20小题,每小题2分,共40分)

Directions: There are 4 passages in this par,. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices markedA, B. C, and D. You should decide on the best choice and blacken the corresponding ltter on The Answer Shee1 .(40 points)

Passage One

Questions 1 to 5 are based on the following passage:

I was brought up in a house with lots of music. There was one record player with seven of us living in the house. It was a really beautiful way to grow up just listening to so much amazing stuff. I loved it all but I spcifcally remember seeing a movie about Bilie Holiday and being just so fascinated.

When I was about 15, I bought my first record, The Legend of Bilie Holiday. And that was it.It started a love affair. It opened up a whole new world to me of Billie Holiday and there I started discovered loads of other artists. That was the stating point. Her voice really blew me away. She stated seeing in clubs at 16.

I was probably 17-18 and I was already singing I had very few records and I was living in a tiny room with a record player and a bed and a litle kitchen. I used to listen to these records eagerly. Already singing at the time, ! was interested in how to move my voice. I never studied music or vocal coaching-these records were my vocal coaches. I had the best vocal record coaches in the wold try and copy it. And it definitely went into my singing. She inspired me to have the confidence no just go for it and lose myself and see what happens. Without that record, I wouldn't have felt that joy.

What is a really beautiful way to grow up?

A. Going to see movies often.

B. Having many records records.

C. Living in a large family of seven

D. Listening to lots of amazing music.

2. What opened up a new world for me when I was 15 years old.

A. Movie I watched.

B. Mt first job as a singer.

C. A record of Billie Holiday.

D. The beginning of my love affair.

3. Which can best explained the underlined part“blew me away" in Para. 2?

A. Made me jealous.

B. Sent me off quickly.

C. Impressed me deeply.

D. Filled me with great expectation.

4.Who/What are my best voice coaches?

A. The records I had.

B. My favourite artists.

C. Record players.

D. Singers like Bllie Holiday.

5.Which is the best title for this passage?

A. My youthful hobbies.

B. A song that I liked best.

C. Records that infuenced my life.

D. The first record player in my life.

Passage Two

Questions 6 to 10 are based on the following passage:

Too much stress is bad for your body and soul. Fortunately, even when you can not change a successful situation, you have some control over the way you deal with it.

What is stress? Your body is on the alert, elling you something's wrong and you need to fix it.

Stress can cause your endocrine system to produce certain humours that weaken immune system,damage the heart and blood vessels, and increase chances of colds and other ilnesses.

Stress also harms your mind Stress makes people irritable they may feel extreme anxiety and lose their ability to concentrate. They may also exprience slelessness, have an upset stomach,and suffer from headaches and tiredness.

Luckily there are various relaxation techniques torelieve stess.

Relaxation through meditation has been proven to relieve stress. Sit in a comfortable position where you won't be disturbed, Close you eyes. Choose a word or phrase to focus .....“it's ok,”for example. AS you concetrate on breathing, repeat the phrase each time you breathe out. If you get distracted by other thoughts, gently put them out of your mind and return to your phrase. Continue for over 10 minutes. Practice at least once a day.

Do time-travel exercise. When you feel stressed, remember something you felt, just as tense about a year ago. How important does it seem today? Now try to project a year into the future and look back on your present trouble. Chances are that your "leap forward" in time will give you a better viewpoint on what you are going through.

Some other tips to fight tress include: having baths with aromatherapy oils and salts, getting more vitamin C, ginseng, or turming to some herbs. Today, an estimated 1 million cups of chamomile are consumed each day throughout the world, which herbalists recommend as a wonderful remedy for stress.

6. What ham can stress do to you body?

A. Annoying you easily

B. Making you feel anxious

C. Causing you to suffer form sleplessness.

D. Increasing the possibility of catching colds

7. W hat does the underlined word“'meditatin" in para. 5 mean?

A. A religious practice

B. Thinking peacefully

C. Center medical treatment

D. Having hot baths regularly

8. How should you deal with the other thoughts when you are distracted by them?

A. Depend upon them

B. Look down upon them

C. Pay no attention to them

D. Attach importance to them

9. what is the benefit of a time-travel excerise?

A. Helping you to forget about the past

B. Allowing you to look back on your past

C. Making you feel hopeful about the future

D. Enabling you to view your current trouble better

10. What is the author 's atitude towards the fight against stress?

A. Optimistic

B. Doubtful

C Neutral

D. lronic

Passage Three

Questions 11 to 15 are based on the following passage:

Birds may not be so bird-brained after all. A study of Japanese tits has shown they can“speak is phrases", an ability previously thought to be unique to humans.

Displaying talents that may force us to change our traditional concepts of human superiority, Japanese tits could produce a "'scan the surroundings for danger" call and then add a“come here" sound onto the end and, in efect reading the phrase“come here and scan for danger".

Dr:David Wheatcraft, one of the co-authors of the study, said this was the first known example of untrained wild animals using “compositional syntax", when two calls with independent meaning are combined to create something with a new meaning.

The study published yesterday in the journal Nanure Communication raises further questions about just how superior human language abilitis really are.

How sapiens (智人) has long been regarded as the only species capable of language, with its potential to convey endless variations of meaning, such as fixed alarm calls or a particular learned song.

However, Dr.Wheatcraft said that scientists were now new finding more and more examples of how other animals shared what were once considered unique human language abilities.

We need to think that “referential communication" where words mean certain things- to humans. There in the 1980s we found monkeys have different kinds of alarm calls for different predators.

“Now it's been shown in a wide range of species including chickens" which use different sounds to distinguish between air and ground predators, and in Japanese tits, which have different calls, for “crow" and“snake". Parrots and dolphins had all been trained to respond to combined phrases, he said, but the wild Japanese great tits were the first to have been shown to "use these building blocks of language on their own”.

1. Which is the best title of the passage?

A. Birds can create phrase.

B. Speaking is unique to humans.

C. Animals can be trained to use phrase

D. Scaring for danger is limited to birds.

12. Which species was find kown to produce phrase untrained according to Dr Wheatcraft?

A. Parots

B. Dolphins

C. Monkey

D. Tits

13. Which is closest in meaning to the underline word“predators" in Para. 7?

A. Followers

B. Attackers

C. Victims

D. Survivors

14. Which of the following is true of Homo sapiens?

A. It cannot learn a particular song.

B. It can produce catain alam calls.

C. It cannot convey variations of meaning.

D. It is the only species to master a language.

I5. In what aspect are monkeys, chickens and the Japanese tits similar?

A. They can produce a“scan for danger" call.

B. They are trained to respond to combined phrases.

C. They can make different alarm calls for different predators.

D. They are able to use the building blocks of language on their own.

Passage Four

Questions 16 to 20 are based on the follow ing passage:

We may not be wearing them very much a the moment, but the story behind our most glamorous (迷人的) pair ofhigh heels is likely much longer than any of us really realize.

Here is the tale of how a very male shoe came to become an iconic symbol of powerful fieminity.

Originally dating back to 15th century Persia ,the very first high heels were made for highly practical purpose. An early pioneer of the cowboy boot style, a strong shoe with in-built heeled sole (鞋底),allowed horsemen to more easily secure their feet in stirups (马 镫),creating a much more comfortable ride.

Owing horses meant wealth, and so owning a pair of proper riding boots was a real symbol of power and influence. As soldiers began to travel on Persian King's orders to forge a relationship with other infuential foreign leaders, word of heeled boots spread across Europe, and they became the desirable look for both sport and leisure.

By the mid 18th century, the male interest in heels had warned, mostly bcause of their increasing feminisation . Though women such as Queen Elizabeth I had first adopted heels in order to imitate some of the authority of male leaders, women's shoes had become singrificantly more decoratiove thanks to the invention of the sewing machine, which allowed for much greater variety in the joining of sole and upper.

The 18th century is also when high heels first began to have“sexy" meaning In early French postcards from this era, women often wore ltte except for an elegant pair of heels, promoting the feminine charm that would lead smoothly into the glamour girls of the Second World War.

16. Which is true of high heels?

A. They used to be a male symbol.

B. They have become less feminine.

C. They are wom for practical purpose.

D. They tended to represent neither gender.

17. When were high heels invented?

A. In the 16th Century

B. In the 17th Century

C. In the 18th Century

D. In the 15th Century

18. Which is closest in meaning to the underlined word“forge" in Para. 4?

A. Affect

B. Change

C. Establish

D. Destroy :

19. Which can best describe men's interest in high heels in the mid 18th century?

A. Became obvious

B. Disappeared

C. Remained steady

D. Decreased

20. What is the main idea of the passage?

A. The design of high heels.

B. The history of high heels.

C. The meaning of high heels.

D. The importance of high heels.

Section B(从7个选项中选5个,每小题2分,共10分)

Directions: In the following passage, some sentences have been removed. For questions 21-25,choose the mos1 suitable one from the list A- G 10 fit into each of the mumbered blanks. There are two exira choices, which do not fit into any of the gaps. You should decide on the best choice blacken the corresponding leter on The Answer Sheet.(10 points)

Nowadays, online sales have boomed. Nearly every famous brand has opened up an online store, atracting customers by fering unique products right to their doorstep.

This article highlights four tips to help you save money.

21..The very first thing that you should be doing is to make sure that you plan to buy things on the right day and time. Online shopping is a whole lot different from shopping at stores as the possibilities are endless. You should be on the lookout for holiday sales like the Christmas season or Black Friday as the prces signifcantly drop during these days owing to heavy sales,

22.The next most important thing you should do is to look out for cheaper products. Most ecommerce platforms want as many customers as possible and try to retain them in any way they can. You can browse overt htps://buykers com/uk/coupons/feelunique and make use of their ongoing discount on every product in their catalogue.

23.If you want to make sure that you are not spending more money than you have to, you are going to need to do some research. Before you buy a produet, you should compare is price on different websites and find out where you get the best value for your money. 24.

Don't purchase more than you have to.

Where online shopping has its benefits, it also makes users purchase more things than they have to. We are constantly surrounded by ads on social media tempting us to buy products that we don't even need.

25.Therefore ,before you make a purchase,you should think long and hard about lt.

A. Shop on the right day.

B. Leave items in your cart.

C. Compare diferent websites.

D. Bargain with customer services.

E. Look for discounts and coupons.

F. Remember not to make any rash decision.

G. You could end up saving a lot of money this way.

Section C Blanked Cloze(共有10小题,每小题1分,共10分)

Directions: In this section, there is a passage with ten blanks. You are required 10 select one word for each blank from a list of choices given in a word bank fllowing the passage. Read the passage through carefully before making your choices. Please blacken the corresponding ltter for each item on The Answer Sheet. You may not use any of the words in the bank more than once.(10 points)

Anandibai Joshee, India's first woman physician with a medical degree, was born on March

31, 1865 in Kalyan, Maharashtra. When she was young, Joshee's father. 26 her to go to school.

This investment in Joshee s education was.27 by her husband. They married when Joshee was only twelve.

By fifeen,. 28 seriou ilness herself, she was determined to study medicine, a chioce. 29 influenced by the loss of an infant son. After gaining the_ 30 of her community, Joshee set sail from Calcutta on April 7, 1883. Later that year Joshee began training at the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvanin. At WMCP. Joshee studied obstetrics (产科学) and gynaccology (妇科学),. 31 _ to return to India to serve Indian women. After three years, Joshee graduated with her medical degree and upon graduation, she accepted a(n) 32 from the governor minister of Kolhapur in Indian to serve. 33“Lady Doctor of Kolhapur"

During her studies, Joshee was infected with tuberculosis (肺结核). When she rturned to Indian in 1886, her health wasin_ 34 decline. Before she could. 35 up her post, she died in February 1887 at the young age of twenty-one. Despite her short life, Joshee 's achievements were enough to open the door for other Indian women to quickly follow.

A encouraged

B. surviving

C. support

D. as

E. continued

F. take

G. rapid

H. hoping

I. get

J. gentle

K. offer .

L. nearly

M. possibly

N. for

O. progress

Part II Integrated Testing (共30分)

Section A Cloze(共20小题,每小题1分,共20分)

Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following pasage. For each blank there are four choices markedA, B. C and D. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then blacken the corresponding ltter on The Answer Sheet .(20 points) George F. Handel is considered one of the greatest composers of the 18th century. He was 36_ in Germany, and died in London in 1759,_ 37 74. Handel was a tall, robust man_ 38 enjoyed good food, wine and entertainment. He was nicknamed“The Great Bear”_ 39 to his size, nature and_ 40 of walking. He never married and was known to be a very private person.

Handel is most famous_ 41 the work Messiah. Here are two interesting facts. 42 this fascinating man.43_ a gentle man with a great sense of humor, Handel had quitea_ 44 temper. When a famous singer. 45_ to sing an aria(咏叹调) from one of his works. 46 rehearsal( 排练).

Handel grabbed her by the waist and threatened he_ 47 throw her out of the window if she didn't follow his_ 48

In 1737, Handel suffered a stroke, which_ 49 damage to his right arm and some. 50_ of his mental capabilities,. 5L him from performing. Nobody expected Handel to perform again,52 his quick recovery was considered a_ 53. To recover faster, Handel_ 54 to a spa in Gemmany. There he diligently_ 55 1ong hot baths, and ended up playing the organ for a surprised audience.

36. A. liked

B. born

C. interested

D. popular

37. A. age

B. aged

C. aging

)D. ages

38. A. whose

B. whom

C. who

D. which

39. A. due

B. contrary

C. close

D. prior

40. A. way

B. method

C. means

D. drection

41. A. as

B. in

C. from

D. for

42. A. about

B. to

C. around


43. A. However

B. Though

C. Whether

D. Whatever

44. A. tough

B. fast

C. strong

D. quick

45. A. offered

B. wished

C. refused

D. stopped

46. A.on

B. over

C. among

D. during

47. A. would

B should

C. shall

D. will

48. A.examples

B. orders

C. models

D. leaders

l9. A. made

B. raised

C. caused

D. carried

50. A. fall

B. defeat

C. stop

D. loss

51. A. preventing

B. protecting

C. isolating

D. separating

52. A. but

B. so

C. for

D. or

53. A. miracle

B. mistake

C. blow

D. beneft

54. A.left

B. travelled

C. reached

D. arrived

55. A. brought

B. got

C. took

D. prepared

Section B Short Answer Questions(共5小题,每小题2分,共10分)

Direetions: In this part there is a short passage folloved by five questions or incomplete statemenis. Read the passage carefully. Then answer the questions or complete the statements with no more than 10 words. Please wrie your answers on The Answer Sheet .(10 points)

Whether it's walking quickly to the shops or cycling 20 miles, the benefits of gtting physical are indisputable.

There's plenty of research to suggest that working out leads to better sleep, though scientists aren't sure exactly why. All we know is that it can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer. This could be because exercise raises temperature.

About a third of over 65s fall every year, which is why it's so important to get active in order to improve balance, mobility and joint health. French researchers studied 706 women ranging from 75 to 85 and found that those who stuck with a two-year exercise programme to improve their balance cut their risk of being injured in a fall by round 20 percent. Movement exercises such a tai chi and yoga excellent for balance, flexibility and increasing the movement in your joints and muscles.

Increasingly, experts are making the link between exercise and alertness. In 2014, researchers at Stanford University in the US studied 176 college students and found the walking boosted creative output by an average of 60 percent Meanwhile, last Mach, a study in the journal

Neurology revealed that older adults who regularly engaged in exercise stayed sharper and showed a slower rate of cognitive (认知的) decline than those who didn't.

Physical exercise is one of the best things you can do to manage stress. Even a quick walk in the park can work wonders In 2014 Tesearchers at the University of Michigan found that group nature walks reduced depression. improved well-being, and lowered stress.

The positive effects may come from the helpful anti-stress hormones that are released when you get moving. Some studies have indicated that exercise can be as efective as a treatment for depression as drugs.

56. What is the efect of working out on sleep according to Para. 2?

57. What exercises are excellent in order to improve your balance and mobility?

58. According to the research at Stanford University, walking helped to promote creativity by an average of.

59. How could older adults slow down their cognitive decline?

60. What may be considered efiective in releasing helpful anti- stress hormones?

Part I1 Translation (共30分)

Section A Chinese-English Translation(共5小题,每小题3分,共15分)

Dirctions: Complete the sentences by transaing imto English the Chinese girven in the brackets.Please write you translation on The Answer Sheet .(15 points)

61. Child as he is, the boy knows how to_______________________(照顾爷爷).

62. The teacher walked into the casroom,_______________________(手里拿着书).

63. I will take an umbrella with me in case_______________________(下雨).

64. Don't mistake his silence for_______________________(缺少兴趣).

65. Please don't talk so loudly_______________________(他人在工作的时候).

Section B English-Chinese Translation(共5小题,每小题3分,共15分)

Directions: Translate into English the toderlined sentences in the following passage. Write your translation on The Answer Sheet .(15 points)

This world is not fair.

Getting a good night's sleep is essential for functioning well in your daily activities-here are secrets to make sure you' re getting plenty of shut-eye.

Get your ZZZ's for better memory

A study from Harvard Medical School sleep researchers has found that 66. the amount and quality of your slcep afets your memory grealy. particulaly the type of memory that helps you remember facts and events in time.

Calm your restless legs with a bar of soap

A common cause of sleeplessness: you go to bed, tired and ready to get a solid eight hours Just as you re drifting off, however, you legs jerk. 67. They continue to do this throughout the night. keeping you from fllig asleep or waking. you up. While there is now a treatment for restless legs syndrome (综合征), it has some side efects. 68. We have a better solution to this problem: slip a bar of soap under your legs and the restlessness should disappear in about three to five minutes, says Dr. Schlachter. The high magnesium content of the soap helps, she says.

Take a vitamin for better sleep

If you restless legs are keeping you awake, try the bar of soap recommended above. But also pop a vitamin B. In one study, researchers found that women with restless legs syndrome were deficient in folic acid, which is required for proper brain and nerve function. 69 Taking this vitamin can improve things.

Exercise at the right time

It has been shown that even mild exercise, like a half-hour of walking, can help you sleep better. But when you exercise is also important. Exercise is stimulating; it's not something to do just before bedtime. 70. Instead. plan your execise for early evening = about four to six hours before bed sime. This is the time it takes for you body's metabolism(新陈代谢)and temperature to drop after exercise, which prepares your body for sleep.

66. The amount and quality of your sleep afects your memory greatly.

67. They continue to do this throughout the night, keeping you from failing aslee or walking you up.

58. We have a better solution to this problem

69. Taking this vitamin can improve things.

70. Instead, plan your exercise for early evening- about four to six hours before bed time.

Part IV Writing (共30分)

Directions: For this part, you are alloved 30 minues to wrile a composition on the topic

Population Transformation in China. You should write abou 120 words flloving the Chinese outline given below, taking the information available in the following table as evidence. Please write you composition on The Answer Sheet.



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